I wanted it to be a surprise. Something special for my girl.

Degrassi URLs!!!

I didn’t even realize how many Degrassi-centric URLs I had until recently. I’m trying to de-clutter things for myself, so I would seriously love to get rid of these. Most are RP based, but some are general. The ones that are RP based may have been used in the past, but certainly won’t be used by me in the future—which is why I’m offering them up. They’re not super duper quality but good for RPing and general Degrassi-esque blogs, and a couple are pretty nifty.

Here’s how I’m doing this. If you want a URL on this list, message me off anon. I would really like to see them go to people who will use them, since there’s no use in letting it go to waste. Most of them, I’d be willing to just give out to a person who will definitely use it. However, if you do happen to have a quality Eli URL you’d like to trade one for, (since those are the only Degrassi ones I’m interested in) I’m not gonna refuse, js js. Wishful thinking on my part.

I’ll put the ones I have below the cut.

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And risk having my poetry sound like rejected Alexisonfire lyrics? No, thank you.


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So, what’s exciting in the world of recreation today, darts?

Women and men we are the same,
But love will always be a game,
A human vulnerability
Doesn’t mean that I am weak

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Our camping trip is coming up shortly, and we're searching for some more members to join before the students take off for the week! Our three most wanted characters are:

  • Bianca DeSousa
  • Owen Milligan
  • Jake Martin


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